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Santa's Magic Snow | Book & Snow with Stencil | Scott | Hardcover | 100937739626

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No snow? No worries.  Just read this book and send your little one off to bed on Christmas Eve.  Use the boot stencil to create some magical snow footprints and then head off for a long winter's nap of your own.  Your little one will wake to the magic of Christmas.

In Santa's Magic Snow, Christopher Harris tells a sweet tale of Santa's snow, which does not melt, even when carried on his boots into a house.  The book comes with a twenty-ounce container of "snow" and a stencil so that you can work your magic.

Santa's Magic Snow Book Details: 

  • Story of Santa’s Non-Melting Snow 
  • Author: Christopher Scott 
  • Illustrator: Erin Harris 
  • Hardcover Book  with Snow & Footprint Stencil 
  • ISBN: 100937739626 
  • 9-1/2" x 16" x 3-1/4 




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