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Confirmation Gifts



Be sealed with the Holy Spirit! These words, spoken at the celebration of Confirmation, are of utmost importance to those being confirmed in the Catholic Faith. The sacrament of Confirmation is a gift given by Christ to those who are journeying from spiritual childhood to spiritual adulthood. All sacraments are sweet and powerful in their own way but Confirmation is a reaffirming of one’s Baptismal promises in front of the Church and whole communion of saints. More than likely those being confirmed will have a sponsor to help guide them along their Catholic-Christian faith journey. Although the Holy Spirit gives Himself as a Confirmation gift to those receiving the sacrament the sponsor and other family members and friends will give a Confirmation gift as well that include a Catholic Bible, Rosary, spiritual books, items in the form of a dove in order to remind them of the sweet gift they received from the Holy Spirit. For this reason Ziegler’s provides the best selection of Confirmation gifts for all who are to receive this sacred gift. Browse our selection of Confirmation gifts and when you come across the image of a dove may you remember the Holy Spirit and His gifts he poured out for you. Please pray for those receiving the sacrament of Confirmation this season!