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Beeswax Paschal Candles


The paschal candle is one of the most important elements of the Paschal Triduum. Lit on the Easter vigil the paschal candle represents Christ, the Light of the world and is usually made up of a majority beeswax, include incense and may have some ornamentation with Christian symbols. The beeswax represents the purity of Christ, the incense recalls the spices used to prepare Christ's body for burial and the wounds of His hands, feet and side. The actual word "Paschal" has origins from the Hebrew language and means Passover. We at Ziegler's understand the importance of having a superb Paschal candle for this Holy and Sacred celebration. Our paschal candles are made in 3 collections; eximious, scupltwax and classic. The Eximious paschal candle is a top of the line made to order paschal candle. The Scupltwax paschal candle is made with stunning hand-cast and color infused appliques. The Classic collection is made with simple design and rich vibrant colors. When you are ready to buy a paschal candle be sure to remember we carry only the finest paschal candles, from simple to elegant. Shop now!

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