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Ziegler's is a company which provides all needed goods and services for worship and devotion, public and private.

For over 90+ years Ziegler's has been a leading manufacturer of ecclesiastical metal ware. Over the years we have evolved into a company offering a wide array of products and services. Our customer base includes clergy, laity, churches, church organizations, schools, hospitals, military chaplains, and many others.

We have nine retail stores Tulsa, OK - Wichita, KS - Dallas, TX - Austin, TX - Houston, TX - Baton Rouge, LA - Scottsdale, AZ - Albuquerque, NM – Fort Lauderdale FL, with additional warehouses in Beltsville, MD. Sixteen salespeople call on churches throughout the South, Mid-Atlantic and northern California.  


Family, Values, and Family Values

In 1929, amidst the onset of the Great Depression, Frank Charles Ziegler started a jewelry manufacturing and repair shop. During World War II, local priests asked if he could start producing chalices and other sacred vessels. Viewing it as his duty to the Church and also a unique business opportunity at a time when such opportunities were becoming scarce, he agreed.

With this stroke of providence, F.C. Ziegler Co. grew steadily, adjusting to the various changes within the Church and society. By 1965, it had become one of the country's leading manufacturers of ecclesiastical metalware. Despite the industry struggles following Vatican II, which led many similar businesses to fail, F.C. Ziegler Co. persevered. In the 1970s, the company introduced a delivery service, and soon after, branch stores were opened in Wichita, Kansas, and the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Today, more than 90+ years later, F.C. Ziegler Co. is the country's most comprehensive supplier, manufacturer, and distributor of products designed to meet the needs of church institutions.

"F.C." guided the company's growth until his death in the summer of 1993. Through his strong faith and simple values, he understood that a business dedicated to serving the Church exclusively could only survive - and thrive - by maintaining an uncommon degree of honesty and integrity. These are the qualities he instilled in the operators of today's F.C. Ziegler Co., grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

In devotion to the character of our beloved founder, we at F.C. Ziegler Co. continue to deliver the type of service and value that only a family-run business can truly understand.

The company is currently run by its 4th generation. The President, William Zitter, is married to Samantha Zitter, F.C.'s great-granddaughter. William has dedicated 25 years of his life to the company, starting in the mailroom during high school. After gaining additional experience elsewhere for a couple of years, he returned to the company, eventually working up to the position of President.

The Ziegler family has consistently maintained a significant presence within the company. When William first joined, 22 family members were employed there. Today, both the 3rd and 4th generations of the family are still represented in the company, with nine family members working full-time.

Currently, the company boasts a team of 119 members, half of whom are based in Tulsa and the other half dispersed across our other locations. Our headquarters in Tulsa occupies an 84,000 square-foot building, housing our manufacturing division, warehouse, Tulsa store, customer service, and administrative offices.

All In The Family: The Highly Integrated F.C. Ziegler Co.

We believe that no other company offers the quality and sheer quantity of products and services that we do.

Founded as a manufacturing company, we continue to produce some of the finest-quality metalware available. Over the years, this experience has enabled us to successfully diversify into the design, refinishing and restoration of all types of media.

For many years we have also been a resource for thousands of products from some of the most reputable companies in the world. Vestments from Stadelmaier, Slabbinck, Lorenzo and Beau Veste. Sanctuary lamps, hymn boards and ciboria from Excelsis. Correlative appointments from Regal. Statuary from Demetz Studio. More religious items than you could ever imagine are described in our 500 page catalog.

In addition, our retail stores offer a tremendous variety of personal and institutional religious articles, including statues, rosaries, vestments, candles, plaques and books.

F.C. Ziegler Co. is your one source for all your ecclesiastical needs.

Supply and Distribution


The most recent addition to the F.C. Ziegler family is a 84000-sq.-ft. Tulsa location, in which we keep an inventory of thousands of items. Staples such as candles, altar wine, hosts, and incense can be promptly supplied to you via our efficient delivery system. Same day shipping is available on most items in our catalog.


F.C. Ziegler always believed in building solid customer relationships instead of merely selling products. He insisted that our full line of candles always be delivered in good condition with customer satisfaction. This customer-service philosophy is the foundation of our distribution operation.


Our warehouse features a cooler specially designed to store raw palm during Lent. A special service to our customers, our cooler keeps palm fresh until it is ready to be stripped and bagged. We then ship your order before Palm Sunday, so it will arrive in perfect condition at your church in plenty of time before weekend services.

Exclusive Manufacture:

In addition to expanding our physical facilities, we also added Progressive Bronze. Established in 1935 with roots in the funeral and religious products industries, Progressive Bronze Products has expanded its offerings to include fabrication, restoration, and duplication of brass, bronze, and aluminum products for residential, commercial, and interior design customers. The company has shipped to every continent outside of Antarctica and its products and services have been lauded for years by customers seeking the highest quality metal finishes under the Excelsis brand name.