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First Communion

Receiving the Holy Eucharist at First Communion is the most central and important sacrament, after Baptism, in the life of a Catholic.  In preparing for the sacrament, children typically go through catechismal training.  They will learn how to properly receive communion in a holy and reverent manner, along with Church doctrine and prayer.  All this is done to help develop a deep appreciation and understanding of the precious nature of the true presence of the Body and Blood of Christ.  First Holy Communion is life itself in the Catholic Church because to receive the Holy Eucharist is to receive Jesus Christ -  body, soul, and divinity.  To mark this most joyful and momentous occasion, families celebrate with a First Communion party with family, friends and gifts!  You will probably be looking for gift ideas for boys and girls.  Don't worry, we have First Communion Gifts here at Zieglers!  We stock everything from Crucifixes and crosses to Bibles and books.  Consider Rosary beads or a statue among many other items.  Select from our outstanding collection of gifts or buy a First Communion set that includes a variety of items.  Long before that day, you will probably start planning.  We can help in that regard as well.  We carry a beautiful selection of veils, ties, books, accessories, party goods and more.  Let us be a part of your joyous celebration by helping you find the best gifts, accessories and party goods for the celebration the your child receiving the most Holy Body and Blood of Christ in the Holy Eucharist.  Shop now!