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Fresh Palm & Palm Strips for Palm Sunday 2024

As part of our annual liturgical cycle, the blessing of palm reminds us of Christ’s entrance into Jerusalem when they “took palm branches and met him” (John 12:13).  It is our goal at the F.C. Ziegler Company to provide our customers with the highest quality palm strips & palm for Palm Sunday.  We start planning for Palm Sunday in December, so our customers can count on quality palm delivered just before it is needed.  We have a warehouse set aside for only palm so that space can be set to the ideal temperature and humidity.  We ship palm by a special express service so the perishable palm arrives in better condition than otherwise.   Over the years, we have discovered all this is necessary to deliver the highest quality palm strips to our customers.  During this time of year, the entire F.C. Ziegler Co. Tulsa workforce –and some children, cousins and spouses- come together to pack and ship palm orders simultaneously in order to deliver a consistent, fresh green palm deserving of this sacred time of the liturgical year. You are invited to click here to read our Palm Responsibility StatementWe provide bundles of single palm strips at the best price in two lengths and decorative palm such as date, sago, fan, and Mediterranean palm.  Our competitive prices are hard to beat, and if you find any lower Palm strip price -excluding we will match that price!


  • Fresh green palm head unstripped for palm sunday sold in a head zieglers

    Head of Palm | Unstripped | For Palm Sunday


  • Sago Palm 4 per bag For Palm Sunday ZZSAGO

    Sago Palm | 4 per bag | For Palm Sunday

    Sago Palm: Decorative palm will highlight the sanctuary and provide additional focus on the Palm Sunday Liturgy. Each bag of Altar Decoration Palm includes four (4) un-stripped palm leaves (as pictured above) Average size 24" - 36" inches long...

  • Fan Palm in 4 per bag For Palm Sunday

    Fan Palm | 4 per bag | For Palm Sunday

    Fan Palm are the best for Palm Sunday displays in the sanctuary.  Because these Fan Palm have so many leaves, not as many of them are as necessary to make larger displays for larger sanctuaries.  An assortment of Fan Palm can be combined with...