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Pyx and Burse

Carry the Blessed Sacrament safely and reverently to those who wish to receive Holy Communion.  A priest, deacon or extraordinary minister frequently carries the Eucharist to people outside of a church who wish to receive Holy Communion.  In order to safely and reverently transport the Eucharist, a sacred vessel, called a pyx, is employed.  A pyx is a small canister-shaped container.  To ensure that the Body of Christ touches only precious and natural materials, we carry a variety of designs which are gold-plated inside and out.  We also carry many designs which are made of brass.  We recommend these for use when carrying unconsecrated host.  Additionally, you may wish to browse our selection of burses.  A burse is a case or pouch designed to hold a pyx.  A cord is usually attached so that the pyx may be placed inside and then worn about the neck, close to the heart of the person carrying the Blessed Sacrament.  Whether you will minister to the sick, the home-bound, people in hospitals or other facilities, we are confident we can help you find the pyx best suited to your needs.