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The Walls are Talking | Hardcover Book | Johnson | Pro-Life | 9781586177973

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The first piece of information Abby Johnson imparts in The Walls Are Talking provides little comfort.  She states, "This will not be an enjoyable read."  Read on anyway, for the message is important.  Abby has collected accounts of experiences of former abortion clinic workers who have left their jobs in the abortion industry.  She recounts them in the first person, using her own voice to protect their privacy.  

These stories are difficult to read because an abortion is an act of violence, harming not only the obvious victim - the unborn child - but also the mother, the father, the doctor, and everyone else involved. Take heart.  The stories also offer hope, for they show that anyone, no matter what part the person has played in an abortion, can start anew, can make amends for past mistakes. They demonstrate that the first step on that journey is telling the truth, as these courageous individuals do in these pages.

The Walls are Talking Book Details: 

  • Former Abortion Clinic Workers Tell Their Stories 
  • Author: Abby Johnson 
  • Binding: Hardcover 
  • 157 Pages 
  • ISBN: 9781586177973 
  • 5-1/2" x 1" x 8
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