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The Shroud of Turin | DVD | 4 DVD Set | Burial Cloth of Christ | 817531010701 | SHR2M

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The Shroud of Turin, proclaimed "a mirror of the Gospel" by Pope John Paul II, is the subject of this definitive collection of stunning films.  British film produce and director David Rolfe presents four films made over a thirty-eight year span.  All four films document the latest scientific, historical, medical and archaeological research pointing to the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin as the burial cloth of Christ.  Rolfe consulted the foremost experts worldwide and was given unprecedented access to the Shroud to film it in high definition.  The Shroud of Turin set includes:

   The Silent Witness, 1978 - Excellent introductory to the Shroud of Turin
   Shroud of Turin, 2008 - Rageh Omaar explores new evidence on the authenticity of the Shroud
   Shroud, 2010 - Official film for the exposition of the Shroud
   A Grave Injustice, 2016 - Exposé on recent carbon dating
The Shroud of Turin DVD Details:
  • 4 DVD Set on the Burial Cloth of Christ 
  • Run Time: 200 Minutes Total 
  • ISBN: 817531010701
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