Stations Of The Cross | 8" | Polymer Resin | For Church | South America

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Purchase this Stations Of the Cross set for a modest-sized space and rest assured that the vivid colors will show up well.  Each station is hand-painted, with particular attention given to the expressions on the faces in each scene.  Note also the particularly expressive design of hands and details such as the texture of wood and people's hair.

The fourteen-piece set is hand-made, primarily out of durable polymer resin, so they will be long-lasting.  The pieces measure approximately eight by ten inches each and are labelled with Roman numerals.  Each station will arrive with a hole drilled into the back that will easily rest on a nail head, allowing the pieces to rest flush against a wall.

The presence of this "Way Of the Cross" set will inspire parishioners during Lent, whether making the spiritual pilgrimage with a group or as a personal devotion.  Made in South America.

Stations Of The Cross Details:

  • Set of 14 Stations
  • Hand-Painted
  • Polymer Resin
  • Roman Numerals
  • 8" x 10"
  • Made In South America
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