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SOLD OUT - Saint Bridget of Sweden Prayers | CD | Includes Intro & Conclusion

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St. Bridget of Sweden was given this set of prayers by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The Saint Bridget of Sweden CD includes the fifteen prayers to be prayed for one year and the twelve year prayers on the Passion of Jesus.  The prayers honor His Wounds and Passion, His suffering for our sins and redemption. This CD also includes background information on Saint Bridget, a listing of the promises Jesus keeps for those who pray, and an inspirational song.  A prayer booklet is provided as well.

Saint Bridget of Sweden CD Track List:

1. Introduction
2. Life of St. Bridget of Sweden
3. Introduction to Fifteen Prayers for One Year
4. St. Bridget Fifteen Prayers for One Year
5. Introduction to Song
6. Song: Jesus, God Our Father
7. Introduction & Promises of Twelve Year Prayers
8. St. Bridget Twelve Year Prayers on the Passion of Jesus
9. Conclusion

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