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SOLD OUT - 7 Piece Traditional Nativity Set | Large | Glitter Accents | 16" | 5456940

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This gorgeous Nativity has it all! It is large, durable and ornate with rich bold colors and glitter accents. From Christ's outstretched hands to Mary and Joseph"s hands, outstretched as well, we see the unity of the Holy Family.  The three kings approach, their attitudes reverent, while a nearby shepherd stands as he observes.  With its seven figurines standing in height up to sixteen inches the realistic faces show great reverence for the newborn.  This set will add a special touch to your Christmas.  

7 Piece Traditional Nativity Set Details:

  • Generous Proportions With Glitter Accents
  • Set Includes Christ Child, Mary, Joseph, King Balthasar, King Gaspar, King Melchior & 1 Shepherd
  • 16" - 21"

Additional Nativity Characters: