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Papal Rosary Necklace | Pope Francis | Good Shepherd | Wood & Metal | Italy

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Wearing a set of rosary beads in the manner that a necklace is worn is a long-standing tradition, seen not as a fashion statement, but as a reminder to pray or as a practical way to keep one's rosary accessible.  This set of beads features a lobster claw clasp near the center of the third decade for that purpose. 

The set, from Italy, features a centerpiece with Pope Francis and a Cross with Christ rendered as the Good Shepherd.  The cross and centerpiece are made from a pleasing combination of wood and metal, as are the beads.

Papal Rosary Bead Details: 

  • Good ShepherdCrucifix 
  • Pope Francis Centerpiece 
  • Wood& Metal Crucifix & Centerpiece 
  • Wood & Metal Beads 
  • Lobster Claw Clasp 
  • Italy 
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