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Gothic Chasuble | Our Lady Print | Embroidered Blue Panel & Flowers | Solivari | Italy | 359

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Beautifully embroidered blue panel perfectly accentuates the printed design of Our Lady chasuble from Solivari of Italy.  The chasuble is made from their micro monastico fabric, a easy care for 100% polyester material.  The design continues down the front of this vestment with embroidered flowers. The Gothic cut chasuble has a square cut collar and measures fifty-one inches long and 62-1/2 inches from wrist to wrist.
This chasuble is imported from Italy and therefore subject to appropriate declaration, duties and taxes required by U.S. Customs.  To ensure your organization is appropriately charged, or exempt, please provide your FEI number in the comments portion of your order.
Chasuble Details: 
  • Gothic Cut
  • Our Lady Print
  • Embroidered Blue Panel and Flower Design
  • Square Collar 
  • Micro Monastico Fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Available in White
  • Length: 51” 
  • Width: 62-1/2” 
  • From Solivari of Italy
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