Gothic Chasuble | Embroidered Double Band | Plain Collar | 4 Colors | Slabbinck | 3220

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A center band made of a rich, red brocade is accented on either side by embroidered gold bands on this beautiful chasuble from Slabbinck of Belgium.  The chasuble is available traditional liturgical colors - beige, green, purple and red - in Brugia fabric.  The chasuble is 100% wool and measures fifty-three inches in length and fifty-nine inches across.  The chasuble has a plain collar and comes with an underlay stole. 

This chasuble is imported from Belgium and therefore subject to appropriate declaration, duties and taxes required by U.S. Customs.  To ensure your organization is appropriately charged, or exempt, please provide your FEI number in the comments portion of your order.  

Chasuble Details: 

  • Gothic Style Cut 
  • Brocade Bands with Brocade Accent 
  • Brugia Fabric: 100% Wool 
  • Colors: Beige, Green, Purple, Red 
  • Measurements 
  • Length: 53 
  • Width: 59 
  • Plain Collar 
  • Underlay Stole Included 
  • From Slabbinck of Belgium 

Custom Sizing Available by Contacting the F.C. Ziegler Company at 1(800)331-4117

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