Gothic Chasuble | Chi Rho | 5 Colors | Bamboo Poly Linen | Solivari | 654

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Made from a blend of bamboo, linen and polyester, this lightweight chasuble from Italy is ideal for summer use.  From Solivari of Italy, the design is a Gothic cut with a square roll collar.  An embroidered Chi Rho Cross is embroidered in gold thread and flanked by an Alpha and Omega.  You may choose from the five traditional liturgical colors of fabric.  The fifty-one inch chasuble comes with a coordinating underlay stole.

Purchase this chasuble set of five liturgical colors to receive a ten percent discount.

This chasuble is imported from Italy and therefore subject to appropriate declaration, duties and taxes required by U.S. Customs.  To ensure your organization is appropriately charged, or exempt, please provide your FEI number in the comments portion of your order.
Chasuble Details: 
  • Gothic Style Cut 
  • Embroidered Chi Rho with Alpha and Omega 
  • Fabric: 36% Linen, 33% Polyester, 31% Linen 
  • Available in Five Colors: Green, Purple, Red, White, Rose 
  • Length: 51 
  • Square Roll Collar 
  • Underlay Stole Included 
  • From Solivari of Italy 

Custom Sizing Available by Contacting the F.C. Ziegler Company at 1(800)331-4117


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