How to ship millions of palm strips in under 4 minutes

23rd Mar 2015

Click and watch "Palm Saturday!"The Ziegler family and friends come together to sort, pack and ship palm orders to our awesome customers.  Efficient? Yes.  Fun?  Of course.  … read more

A Journey Through Holy Week with Pope Benedict XVI

19th Mar 2015

Are you yearning to draw closer to Our Lord during Holy Week? Are you looking for a daily meditation but short on time? Pope Benedict XVI offers a rich, but concise journey through Passion Wee … read more

Kindling a Devotion to Saint Patrick and Saint Joseph

15th Mar 2015

March – the Month of St. Patrick & St. Joseph Did you know that St. Patrick, the patron of Ireland, was actually of Welsh descent and not Irish? St. Patrick was the son of a wealthy … read more

​What to Know About Baptism and the Catholic Faith

10th Mar 2015

What to Know About Baptism and the Catholic Faith Not long ago we offered a deal on our Baptismal items. Interestingly enough, this actually generated quite a few questions regarding the … read more