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Zieglers is Getting in the Christmas Spirit…and Giving Stuff Away!

Zieglers is Getting in the Christmas Spirit…and Giving Stuff Away!

4th Nov 2014

The F.C Ziegler Company is getting in the Christmas spirit, and they want you to get in it too! So much so, they have decided to give away 100 sets of Oplatki Christmas Wafers!

How do you get one of these sets? Simply click on the link above or  HERE and you will be directed to our page to enter the contest! (Be sure to “like” us on Facebook to keep up -to-date on the winners).

That’s pretty awesome, right?  What’s even more awesome is that one of the winners will also receive an FC Ziegler $100.00 gift certificate.  Five winners  will receive an FC Ziegler $50.00 gift certificate and ten winners will recieve an FC Ziegler $25.00 gift certificate.

25 winners will be selected by the end of each Friday for the month of November in a set of rounds. The gift certificates will be given out at random times through out the contest. 

So, while we can all agree that this is a pretty awesome deal, maybe you don’t know what Oplatki is. Or maybe you do, but you’re not sure about where it came from or why it’s important.  Oplatki began in Poland during the Early Christian times with a white wafer that was baked from just flour and water. As time has passed, Oplatki became wafers that hold beautiful Christmas designs on them (and are known for resembling Communion Hosts).

Even though the wafers have changed a bit, the tradition still stays the same: before Christmas Eve dinner, family members gather around the table and the eldest family member breaks off a piece of the wafer and passes it to another family member, along with a blessing and good wishes for their coming year.

Many people will even send Oplatki along with Christmas cards or gifts to long distance family members, as a way to share not only the tradition but the love of Christ from afar.

Another aspect of this tradition is that the Oplatki Christmas wafer tradition represents the Eucharistic meal that Catholics participate in at each Mass - except it brings that tradition into the home, and we share the love of Christ with our immediate family as we usually do with our family in Christ.