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Altar Candlestick | Available in Brass or Bronze | 7" | Style 444L | Excelsis | Made in USA

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Concentric circles form the base and decorative node on the column of this altar candlestick.  The candlestick stands seven inches high and the base measures 6 inches in diameter.  Order this candlestick, in your choice of brass or bronze, from the F.C. Ziegler Company, with a high polish finish.  It will come outfitted with a 1-1/2 socket and a wax protector.

This candlestick comes from Excelsis, a US based business that has served churches for over 75 years.  Each candlestick is crafted to order, using traditional tools and techniques.  Because each piece is made to order, a restocking fee will be assessed on cancelled orders and returned items.  If you desire customization of a piece, we will be happy to assist you.  Simply contact us at 1(800)331-4117.

Altar Candlestick Details:

  • Height: 7"
  • Base:  6" Diameter
  • Brass or Bronze *
  • High Polish Finish 
  • Supplied With 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" Socket
  • Wax Protector Included
  • Made In USA
  • Fixed Shipping Rate Applied 

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