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Excelsis Progressive Bronze




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The F.C. Ziegler Company provides a broad selection of fine ecclesiastical metalware from Excelsis to outfit your church in a befitting style and high quality.


Based right here in the United States, Excelsis has provided finely crafted ecclesiastical metalware, through dealers such as ourselves, to churches in countries around the world, since 1935.  As a result of more than seventy-five years of dedication to quality and detail, Excelsis has become a trusted source for tabernacles, candlesticks, sanctuary lamps, crosses and Crucifixes, and many other of the accouterments of the Catholic Church.  Craftsmen spend years as apprentices in order to become master craftsmen, averaging over twenty years of experience.  Each item ordered from Excelsis is produced individually, with attention to detail, ensuring beautiful pieces of high quality.




Styles range from the traditional to modern and from clean, simple lines to the ornate.  Each style is typically available in candlsticks, sanctuary lamps, aspersorium sets, processional pieces and other altar ware.  When you find an item in a style that is particularly well-suited to your church, you may wish to order more pieces in that style.  If so, contact us and we will happily assist you.


When you find an item you wish to purchase, you may order the item from our website or call us for assistance.  Either way, we will give your order our personal attention.  Have you seen a processional piece that you want just a little taller?  Would you like a sanctuary lamp with an electric line?  How about color accents on a wall plaque?  Do keep in mind that customization is available for many pieces, so please do contact us to learn about options.




Most Excelsis products are available in bronze and brass.  Bronze is a combination of copper and tin; it will have a slightly reddish tint.  Brass, a combination of copper and zinc, has a more yellowish tint.  Both are highly durable, brass being more expensive.  All Excelsis products are given an oven-baked finish that provides long-lasting durability.  This finish prevents oxidation, providing protection for items that will be used indoors.  Items to be placed outdoors, a set of Stations of the Cross, for example, are treated differently.  The finish may be omitted entirely, in which case the metal oxidize naturally over time.  This natural oxidation results in a green patina referred to as verdigris.  Alternately, a water-resistant finish may be applied, giving long-term protection. 




As you continue to browse form our selection of Excelsis products, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call.  We will be glad to answer your questions and help you select the perfect piece of ecclesiastical metalware for  your church.

Shop the full line of Excelsis Progressive Bronze Liturgical Appointments here!