101 Surprising Facts About Church History | Paperback Book | Meconi | 9781618907332

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What do cappuccino, pretzels and the Big Bang theory all have in common?  Well, the title of the book gives it away, but yes,  they all have roots in the Catholic Church.  In 101 Surprising Facts About Church History, Fr. Meconi walks readers through a spectacular list of achievements of Christ's Body on earth. From economic and mercantile developments to scientific and astronomical advances, from the cataloging of zoological and botanical species to the cherishing of beautiful music and fine arts, Fr. Meconi shows you why the Catholic Church stands as the longest-standing and most universal institution contributing to human culture and knowledge.

101 Surprising Facts About Church History Book Details 

  • Author: David Meconi, S.J. 
  • Binding: Paperback 
  • 107 Pages 
  • ISBN: 9781618907332 
  • 8-1/2” x 11” x 1/3”