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Ashes to ashes and Dust to Dust: A closer look at Ash Wednesday

When is Ash Wednesday?Ash Wednesday is 46 days before Easter. Since Easter falls on a different date every year, so does Ash Wednesday. What is Ash Wednesday?Ash Wednesday is the first day of the preparatory season of Lent. Lent actually comes from the Middle English word for “spring” but it obviously holds a deeper meaning of change for Catholics.During the [...]

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St. Nicholas - The True Story of Saint Nicholas: The Saint Behind the Claus

The True Story of Saint Nicholas: The Saint Behind the ClausWhen we think of Santa we all too often imagine a jolly old man dressed in all red who loves cookies and milk. But the true man behind this image is the widely venerated Saint Nicholas. While there is a bit of an absence of what could be called [...]

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The F.C Ziegler Company's Holiday Gift Guide

Check out our F.C Ziegler Company Holiday Gift Guide below to help you find just the right Christmas presents for those you love! We at The F.C Ziegler Company love our customers and we also love the Christmas season; often, when you put those together, you wind up with customers Christmas shopping and wondering what would be a great [...]

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Christmas Trees, Ornaments & What They Really Mean

The History of the Christmas Tree Have you ever found yourself wondering what Christmas trees and ornaments really mean? Or where they even came from? We here at Ziegler’s are here to fill you in on this special tradition. Well, long before the first Christmas the evergreen fir tree was already a symbolic part of winter for people all over the [...]

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Nativity Scenes and the True Meaning of Christmas

A Brief History of the  Nativity Scene The word Nativity comes from the Latin word “nativus” which means “arisen by birth” which is fitting since Nativity  Scenes reflect the true meaning of Christmas and are fashioned after the accounts of Christ’s birth in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. The basic Nativity Scene consists of the stable, the manger which is the center [...]

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How to Celebrate the Season of Advent

How To Celebrate the Season of Advent  If you’ve come into The F.C Ziegler Company in December, or browsed our online selection you’ve probably  witnessed our great selection of Advent items from the beautiful wreaths to candles in dark purples, pinks, and  blues. We love to celebrate the season of Advent, and we love to encourage others to celebrate [...]

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Zieglers is Getting in the Christmas Spirit…and Giving Stuff Away!

The F.C Ziegler Company is getting in the Christmas spirit, and they want you to get in it, too! So much so, they have decided to give away 100 sets of Oplatki Christmas Wafers!How do you get one of these sets? Simply, Click on the link above or HERE and you will be directed to our page to enter the [...]

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Tulsa Grand Opening!

We, at The F.C Ziegler Company, want to let you know that November 22nd is going to be a really great day. Because it’s the GRAND OPENING of the new Tulsa location on 2111 E 11th Street!What makes that such a great day for you, though? Well, on Saturday, November 22nd, from 9 AM to 3 PM…You can get 25% off your [...]

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