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They Might Be Saints | On the Path to Sainthood in America | PB | 9781682782248

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Fundamental to the rapid growth of the Church in America are these exceptionally inspired men and women, not yet canonized, who lived heroic virtue and thereby changed the face of our country. Author Michael O’Neill unveils 24 of America’s greatest “blessed” and “venerable,” whose causes for canonization are already underway.

You’ll meet young Europeans who gave up secure lives for the wilderness of America―knowing they would never see their families again. You’ll meet the husband and wife who, despite being slaves, showed remarkable charity to their so-called “owners.” You’ll explore the miraculously productive life of Knights of Columbus founder Fr. Michael McGivney, who died at the age of 38, as well as the 23-year-old explorer priest who covered 200,000 square miles, heard Confessions for up to 14 hours at a stretch, ate prairie rats when necessary―and founded 30 parishes.

You’ll also enjoy the remarkable stories of:

  • Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, America’s first TV evangelist
  • Pierre Toussaint, once a slave, then an entrepreneur devoted to the poor
  • Fr. Patrick Peyton, “The Rosary Priest,” whose reached hundreds of thousands with his rallies and radio crusades
  • Henriette DeLille, the legendary “Saint of New Orleans”
  • Fr. Augustus Tolton, the nation’s first black priest, himself a former slave
  • Five foundresses of religious communities who produced thousands of teaching nuns
  • Twelve holy souls who quietly devoted their lives to the poor

Book Details:

  • 304 pages
  • English
  • Paperback
  • 5.25 x 1 x 8.25 inches
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