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Tabernacle | Red Oak and Brass | 7125 | Ziegler | USA

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Designed and crafted exclusively by the F.C. Ziegler Company craftsmen, this tabernacle brings beauty and quality to adoration and the safe keeping of the Blessed Sacrament. An all red oak wood construction, overlaid with satin brass panels with a red enamel decor and a cabinet cam key lock. Inside has an easy clean satin cloth lining. For measurements see tabernacle details below.

Tabernacle Details:

  • Red Oak Wood in Medium finish
  • Satin Brass Clad
  • Red Accent Castings
  • Oak Trim in Medium Finish
  • Cam Key lock in Polished Brass with 2 Brass Keys
  • Interior Lining - Easy Clean Texture
  • Outside Dimensions 
    • 12-1/8 inch height
    • 11-3/8 inch width
    • 11-3/8 inch depth
  • Inside Dimensions
    • 9-1/2 inch height
    • 9-1/2 inch width
    • 9-1/2 inch depth
  • Door Opening Dimension
    • 8 inch height
    • 8 inch width
  • Made in USA