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St Patrick Range | Votive Candle Burning Unit | 68 Piece | 2 Finishes | St Killians | 68GLD-68BLK

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The St Patrick candle burning unit has proven to be the most popular unit within the range. Its stand alone candle box holders maximizes space and enable a good supply of candles to be on display for parishioners. It is also easy to maintain due to a limited amount of retro space on display. This candle burning system is a 68 piece unit and is available in gold or black finish. (shown with red votives)

Purchase this candle burning unit and receive the 68 glass votive system for FREE plus select the glass votive color. (Candles sold separately)

Here is how this unique candle burning system works:

    • The three-piece glass system eliminates the need for any plastic/metal cups aiding the environmental benefit to St. Killians
    • The outer glass is secured on the stand
    • The middle glass acts as a barrier to protect the color glass from any excess wax
    • The candle itself sits in the inner glass
    • The candle burns for 60-90 minutes
    • Once it comes to the end of its life it falls through a hole at the bottom of the glass, extinguishing itself on the way down, falling into a water bath to guarantee quenching
    • The candle is made from 3 times refined paraffin and therefore does not omit any soot or smoke; protecting the churches features and artifacts from damage

Benefits of St Killians Candle Burning System:

    • No more smoke or soot damage
    • No more plastic or aluminum cups
    • No more unprotected flames
    • No more wax spillage on floors
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Low maintenance
    • Self -extinguishing candle
    • Revenue generator

Product Details:

  • Metal
  • Range Unit
  • 68 Glass Votive System (free with unit purchase)
  • Color Choice on Glass Votives 
  • Cross Emblems on Front Panel
  • Candle Box Stand
  • Roller Coasters
  • Money Slot Container
  • Gold or Black Finish
  • D: 23½”
    H: 42½”
    W: 28½”
  • Fixed Shipping Rate Applied - (due to product weight)

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