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She Who Shows the Way | Heaven's Messages for Our Turbulent Times | PB | 9781947701120

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My dear children, today I come to you as the Mother of Consolation. I open my arms for you, to gather you in, console you, to share my Motherly love for you, and to share with you a great truth. Find shelter in my Immaculate Heart this day, and let me comfort you. I tell you, your prayers and voices, in sweet harmony from the heart, resonate at this moment in heaven still, and bring the angels to rejoice.

My children, man makes a great mistake. He conceives of God as a distant Creator, like a man who spins a top and walks away to watch it fall. I assure you, no act, no breath of wind, no tear, none of these exist without the assent of the Father. He is active in you. He is active around you. He never leaves you. How is it that men manifest their great error in their daily lives? They do this by the way they bear their burdens, their cross, without sharing it with my Son, Jesus, Who offered this. There is no consolation, my children, in your life’s burdens without my Son, for indeed all these burdens are His. He carries them always, and He implores you to join with Him. That is why He said, “Pick up your cross and follow Me.” That is why He also said, “My burden is very light.”

Many of my Son’s loved ones through the ages, beautiful children of God, have always amazed the world with their ability to bear any burden, suffer any pain, with immense joy. This is proof of the fulfillment of my Son’s words, as a test for you, children—a visible test for you to apply to any sorrow, to any pain, to any burden—for if you are truly united with my Son in the bearing of this burden, you will find it delightful and a joy, because you will have true knowledge of the benefits and the rewards awaiting you in your heavenly glory.

So when you feel yourselves in despair, and the pain at times feels to be unbearable, remember my Son’s words, my children. Remember my words to you this day, because only there will you find solace, only there will you find the help you need. I know many of you find this hard to understand. You feel it has not worked for you. I promise you these graces will flow. In your next attendance at Mass, offer up your pains, your sufferings to the risen Eucharist, and await the blessings.

I love you all, my children, and I leave you now with my Son’s peace. Glory to God! I love you all.

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  • 281 pages
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