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Saint Agnes Statue | Lamb & Palm | 48" | Linden Wood | 3 Finishes | Italy | 861

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Saint Agnes holds the palm that symbolizes martyrdom resting on one arm and a lamb on the other.  The lamb evokes her name, which resembles the Latin word for "lamb".  As the patron saint of girls and chastity, this statue would be an excellent choice for a school or church.  The statue measures forty-eight inches tall.  It is hand-crafted from linden wood, which is available in your choice of a natural, stain or color finish. Please indicate your option preferences to view pricing.
This statue, from Demetz of Italy, is crafted to order and therefore unique.  It may differ slightly from the image in shape, size or texture, but it will be just as beautiful.
If you are looking for a Saint Agnes Statue for outdoor use, consider ordering it in marble or bronze.  Marble and bronze stand up to the elements better than any other material.  For more information and pricing on bronze or marble, please contact us via our toll-free number, which is 1(800)331-4117. 
Saint Agnes Statue Details: 
  • Depicted with Martyr’s Palm and Lamb 
  • Height: 48” 
  • Hand-Crafted from Linden Wood 
  • Three Finish Choices: Color, Natural or Stain 
  • Crafted by Demetz of Italy 
Because this item is imported from Italy by the F.C. Ziegler Company, it is subject to appropriate declaration, duties and taxes required by U.S. Customs.  To ensure you are appropriately charged, or exempt, please provide your organization’s FEI number in the comments portion of your order.  Actual item may differ slightly from image. 
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