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Pius XII | Under the Roman Sky | DVD | Pope Pius | WWII | Vatican | P12M

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As World War II raged, Pope Pius XII was the one authority figure in Italy who was able to stand strong against Hitler.  This movie, featuring James Cromwell as Pope Pius II, is based on Vatican documents and personal testimonies, woven together in this account that retraces history.  After taking over Rome in 1943, Hitler sought to silence the pope, going so far as to plan his kidnapping.  Though Pope Pius grieved over the horrors that took place, grieving especially over the raid on the Jewish Ghetto that sent over a thousand people to Auschwitz, he was instrumental in saving the lives of thousands of Jewish people.  The movie recounts how they were secreted away in churches and convents in Rome even as it was occupied.  Follow the story of Davide and Miriam and the love that blossoms as they take refuge.  Over the months and years, as the Nazi machine becomes more and more destructive, the Pope stands firm.  Watch his compelling involvement all the way to June 14, 1944.

Pius XiI: Under the Roman Sky DVD Details: 

  • Struggle to Protect Jewish People During WWII 
  • Run Time: 200 Minutes
  • Starring James Cromwell as Pope Pius
  • Also Starring Alessandra Mastonardi, Marco Froschi and Ettore Bassi
  • Directed by Chrisitan Duquay
  • Includes Collector’s Booklet
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