Ostensoria | Gold & Silver Plate | 28” | 5-3/4” Host | M7 | Ziegler | USA

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The F.C. Ziegler Company is pleased to offer this ostensorium, designed and manufactured by our own craftsmen and experts here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In keeping with Canon Law, to show reverence for the Holy Eucharist, the Ziegler luna is lined with 24-karat gold. This ostensorium stands twenty-seven and three quarter inches tall and is adorned with gold rays of varying sizes.  The base of the is silver plated and features an original grape and wheat design. You may choose from a front or rear-loading design.  The front-loading design utilizes a track. The rear-loading luna, an exclusive F.C. Ziegler design, is track-free and the pivoting glass door of the luna completely encases the Host. Please note: price will vary based on choice of luna style.

We are happy to offer customization on products we craft and manufacture. Call our Customer Service department with questions and assistance: 1(800)331-4117

Ostensorium Details:

  • Brass
  • 24k Gold Plate
  • Silver Plate
  • Height: 27-3/4"
  • Head Diameter: 18"
  • Base: 7-1/8"
  • Accommodates 5-3/4" Host
  • No Track Luna
  • Luna Options *
    • Front Loading
    • Rear Loading
  • Made in USA

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