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Messiah Paschal Candle | Sculptwax® | 18 Sizes | Alph & Omega Symbol Decals | 80869 | Cathedral

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The Messiah is a Shepherds Staff with the Alpha and Omega emblems that are the centerpiece of this beautiful Paschal candle from the Cathedral Candle Sculptwax® collection.  Accenting the Shepherds Staff is a metallic silver triangle. This candle perfectly fills its purpose of keeping our attention on the Savior the Messiah.  The hand-cast emblems are made from wax and securely attached to a fifty-one percent candle, giving this candle its three-dimensional look.  

You will get the candle best suited to the size of your church since the F.C. Ziegler provides it in eighteen sizes.  View pricing by using the drop-down we have provided for you.  If you are interested in the complementing candle you may access it by clicking on the link we have provided below.

Messiah Paschal Candle Details

  • Messiah with Shepherds Staff and Alpha Omega Symbol
  • 18 Sizes
  • 51% Beeswax
  • Includes Nails & Decals
  • Made In USA

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