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Ladybug Rosary Beads | Blessed Mother Centerpiece | 7MM Acrylic Beads | 1325

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An old legend tells how the people of a small town in Europe appealed to Mary for help when a swarm of insects threatened to decimate their crops.  Miraculously, ladybugs appeared and fed upon the invading insects, saving the crops and sparing the people from famine.  Dubbed, "Our Lady's bug", the little insects are now known as ladybugs.  This set of rosary beads is made of little ladybugs, or rather, seven-millimeter beads.  Our Blessed Mother is featured on the centerpiece and the Crucifix features a budded cross.  The set of rosary beads measures eighteen inches.

Ladybug Rosary Beads Details: 

  • Budded Cross Crucifix 
  • Blessed Mother Centerpiece 
  • Metal Crucifix & Centerpiece 
  • 7MM Acrylic Beads 
  • 18" 



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