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Incense Set | Thurible Boat & Spoon | Broad Scallop Design | 5542 | Censer Boat and Spoon | Made in Spain

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Order this basic incense set for incensation during the Mass at your church.  The set, from Molina of Spain, includes a censer, boat and spoon.  The censer stands 9-1/2 inches tall with a diameter of 5-1/2 inches.  The boat measures four inches high and 6-1/8 long.  A broad scallop pattern encircles them both.  You may order this set from the F.C. Ziegler Company with a brass finish.
Incense Set Details: 
  • Broad Scallop Pattern 
  • Censer: 9-1/2" High x 5-1/2" Diameter 
  • Boat: 4" High x 6-1/8" Long 
  • Brass Finish 
  • Spoon Included 
  • Made in Spain 

Prices subject to change. 

Because this item is imported from Spain, it is subject to appropriate declaration, duties and taxes required by U.S. Customs.  To ensure your organization is appropriately charged, or exempt, please provide your FEI number in the comments portion of your order


SUPERVISION REQUIRED:  Never leave the thurible unmonitored after the charcoal is lit. Always ensure that someone is present to oversee its use. 
CHARCOAL USAGE:  Only use one piece of charcoal at a time to prevent overheating and potential fire hazards. 
INCENSE USAGE:  Only add one spoonful of incense for each use to avoid excessive smoke and potential fire hazards.  
HEAT WARNING:  This thurible will get very hot. Do not touch the metal of the thurible after it has been lit to avoid burns. 
LIGHTING SAFETY:  When lighting the charcoal, keep clear of any combustible materials, including but not limited to fabrics. Ensure the area is free of flammable objects. 
CLEANING:  Clean the thurible thoroughly after each use, but only after it is cold to the touch and ensuring the charcoal is extinguished. Residual incense and charcoal can pose fire risks if not properly removed. 
CHILD SAFETY:  Keep out of reach of children to prevent accidents and ensure their safety. 
USAGE RESTRICTION:  Do not add anything other than charcoal and incense designed for thuribles and church use. Using other substances can pose serious safety risks. 
VENTILATION:  Ensure the area is well-ventilated when using the thurible to avoid inhalation of excessive smoke. 
FIRE SAFETY:  Have a fire extinguisher or a bucket of sand nearby when using the thurible to quickly address any potential fire hazards. 
HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS:  Use heat-resistant gloves or tools to handle the thurible during and after use until it is completely cooled down. 
DISPOSAL OF ASHES:  Ensure ashes and spent charcoal are completely cool before disposing of them safely in a non-combustible container. Do not dispose of hot or warm ashes in a trash can or near flammable materials. 
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