Gothic Chasuble | Marian Symbol | Solivari | 245

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Created by Italy's well-known religious vestment designer, Solivari, this lovely Gothic Chasuble features their Pura Linad Fabric, a soft and elegant fabric of 100% European Polyester. Beautifully accenting this gothic chasuble is the elegant edged gold banding along the sleeves, the intricate, hand-embroidered, classic Marian Symbol, framed by cascading golden designs on the chest of the vestment, and the soft roll collar (3). Order Now! Length 51" Width 62.5" Liturgical Color: White

Chasuble Details:

  • Length 51"
  • Width 62.5"
  • Fabric: Quadrilame 95% Wool 5% Gold Thread
  • Soft Roll Collar (3)
  • Liturgical Colors: White
  • Made in Italy
  • Matching Underlay Stole Included