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Elegant European Monstrance | 24K Gold plated & Silver

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This beautiful and elegant European monstrance / ostensoria is made up of brass construction and plated with 24K gold and silver. The two tone silver and gold is mixed throughout the monstrance and the designer has added them eloquently to highlight the blessed sacrament. The very tip top of the monstrance has a dove coming down made of metal to represent the Holy Spirit. The top of the monstrance has 8 main rays that are gold and tipped off with green stones. In between those 8 gold rays are 12 silver rays that are made up of thinner metal that give the montrance a wave look to the rays. The luna is surrounded by 8 adoring angels  and 8 accent pieces that are made to look like grapevines and those flow to the center of the monstrance to red stones that symbolize the blood of Christ. A tracking luna is used on a majority of european monstrances and this one comes complete with one that is 24k Gold plated  and will hold a 2-3/4" Host  in accordance with Church custom and tradition. The middle node is a figure of Christ raising His arms up made of solid medal with a gold halo behind His head. The base is finished off with imagery of the evangelists and the apostles. Silver crosses are added to help complete the european monstrance. The monstrance stands 27-1/2" , the diameter of the top is 15" and the base has dimensions of 8" x 8". Weighing 12 lbs this monstrance is built strong and to endure generations to come. Order now!

  • Height - 27-1/2"
  • Top Diameter - 15"
  • Base Dimensions - 8" X 8"
  • Luna Diameter - 3-3/4"
  • Will hold a 2-3/4" Host
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