Counterweight | Sanctuary Lamp | 3 Sizes | High Polish or Satin | 112180 | USA

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The purpose of a counterweight is to make the raising or lowering of a load more efficient.  Adding a counterweight above a sanctuary lamp allows the lamp to be raised and lowered easily.  By pulling a ring attached at the bottom of the lamp, the candle may be easily accessed to light or extinguish and then the lamp can be raised to its usual position.

This counterweight is available to you through the F.C. Ziegler Company in a high polish or satin finish.  Weight options provide for lamps up to thirty-five, sixty-five or seventy-five pounds.  Please confirm that you have selected the appropriate options when placing your order.

Each counterweight is supplied with an S hook.  A counterweight with decorative scrollwork or a decorative ring is available at an additional cost.  Please contact us for details and pricing.  This counterweight is manufactured in the United States by the Excelsis Company, manufacturers of fine church furnishings.

Sanctuary Lamp Counterweight Details:

  • High Polish or Satin Finish
  • Weight Allowance
    • Up to 35 Pounds
    • Up to 65 Pounds
    • Up to 75 Pounds
  • Made in USA
  • Fixed Shipping Rate Applied