Church Tabernacle | 24K Gold Plate IHS | 11" x 10" | 321

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Made in Italy, this church tabernacle is crafted with a solid  wood body. The door to the tabernalce is constructed with solid brass , 24k gold plated and has the symbol IHS mid-relief sun design that is complete with vivid rays coming out from each side. The inside of the tabernacle is surrounded by a layer of high polish brass that is 24k gold plated as well. This taberncale is perfect for a chapel or a small adoration room but don't let that hinder you from using it in your main church area! One gold key and two silver keys included to help lock up the tabernacle and keep it secure. Size 11" Height and 10" Width. Order now!

Outer Dimensions:

  • Height - 11-Inches
  • Width - 10-Inches
  • Depth - 10-Inches
  • Door Height - 8-3/4-Inches
  • Door Width - 7-1/2-Inches

Inner Dimensions:

  • Height - 9-Inches
  • Width - 7-1/2-Inches
  • Depth - 9-Inches


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