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Breakthrough! | Book | Saint Mary's Press | 2 Bindings | NABRE for Young Catholics | 9781599828411 | 9781599828459

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Stunning, vibrant art makes Breakthrough! the perfect, visual Bible for a visual generation.  This NABRE Bible from St. Mary's Press is filled with bold artwork and fresh content, allowing young people between the ages of ten and thirteen  the opportunity to encounter Scripture like never before.  A reading plan takes young teens on a journey through two hundred passages that relate to everyday life.  Call-outs present thought-provoking prompts for reflection and action.   A collection of passages called "Make It Stick!" provide guidance for living faithfully.  Another collection of passages, called "Go Forth!" encourage discipleship.  You will also find:

  • A Personalization Page
  • Pray It! Study It! Live It! Sidebars
  • Introductions to Testaments & Books
  • A Bible Story Index, Maps & Glossary
  • A Salvation History Timeline
  • Interviews & Portraits of Biblical Figures

Order Breakthrough! for your young Bible scholar or multiple copies for classroom use.  This Bible is recommended for youth ages ten through fourteen.  Please indicate your preferred binding and calculate pricing by using the drop-down menu. 

Breakthrough! Book Details: 

  • The Bible for Young Catholics 
  • Author: Saint Mary's Press 
  • Recommended for Ages 10-14
  • 2,128 Pages 
  • ISBN:
    • Hardcover: 9781599828411
    • Paperback: 9781599828459