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The F.C Ziegler Company's Holiday Gift Guide

8th Dec 2014

Check out our F.C Ziegler Company Holiday Gift Guide below to help you find just the right Christmas presents for those you love!

We at The F.C Ziegler Company love our customers and we also love the Christmas season; often, when you put those together, you wind up with customers Christmas shopping and wondering what would be a great gift for someone they love, or something we feature, or even for something affordable under ten dollars.

So, in this mindset, we decided to put together a Holiday Gift Guide for you guys that keeps the Christ in Christmas. Scroll down to find the top 5 products for whoever you find yourself shopping for!

Catholic Christian Gifts for Him

Ziegler Company St Benedict Rope Bracelets

1.) St Benedict Rope Bracelets - Available in 9 colors 

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a man or boy in your life, The F.C Ziegler Company has you covered. Our Saint Benedict Rope bracelets are available in 9 different colors and are a practical and masculine gift perfect for any young man who wants to bring a reminder of their faith into their everyday life and the protection of the Saint Benedict medal.

These Saint Benedict rope bracelets also make great stocking stuffers!

2.) Black Rosary Wood Bead with Pewter Crucifix and Center

This stunning black rosary with beautiful detailing would make a meaningful and important gift for the devout Catholic man in your life. This rosary has medium sized wooden beads, perfect for strong hands, and the centerpiece is a fourway medal with the Sacred heart of Jesus, Miraculous Medal, Saint Joseph, and a dove representing the Holy Spirit. This is a Christmas gift that reflects the true meaning of Christmas.

3.) Wood Crucifix with light wood inserts and seal of St Benedict

This Saint Benedict crucifix makes a great Christmas gift for any Catholic man to use in his home, office, or even bedroom. It’s a masculine yet gorgeous crucifix made of olive wood that is a perfect gift for any special him. This crucifix is an affordable yet quality gift that will carry just the right sentiment.

4.) Mater Amabilis Statue

This stunning Mother Most Amiable statue is a wonderful Christmas gift for any devoted Catholic man. The Marian statue made of resin is wonderful as a gift coming from wife to husband, mother to son, sister to brother, or even to a close friend or clergy. This gift keeps the focus on Christ this Christmas season! Order now!

F.C. Ziegler Company Real Men Pray the Rosary

5.) Real Men Pray the Rosary: a Practical Guide to a Powerful Prayer

The saying goes "The family that prays together stays together" and what better way to help the men of your household lead that prayer for families all over.This dynamic book is a great catholic gift for the man in your life looking to grow in his Catholic faith. This book is a fun and profound book written in a style directed toward men. If you’re looking for a gift that will truly impact the man you’re shopping for, this is it! Help him start the new year with his focus on Christ and the blessed Mother Mary.

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Catholic Christian gifts for her

Little Office fo the Blessed Virgin Mary

1.) Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Scripture tells us in Proverbs 31 that the woman who fears the Lord is to be highly regarded. What better way than to imitate the woman whom God chose to carry His son? The little office of the blessed Virgin Mary is geared like Christian prayer with reflections of the blessed virgin mary. It’s a compact yet rich prayer book that enables you to join the universal Church in her daily prayers. It’s a gift that the devoted Catholic woman in your life will definitely put to good use and will help her grow and deepen her faith.

F.C. Ziegler Company Sacred Heart Keychain

2.) Sacred Heart of Mary Key Chain

If you’re looking for a meaningful stocking stuffer that captures the true spirit of Christmas—F.C Ziegler has what you need. This olive wood keychain , made in Italy with a beautiful rose frame is small enough to fit in a stocking yet special enough to mean the world to the woman you’re shopping for. Keep the Blessed mother with your loved ones always with this keychain and help those you love know she is always with them. 

3.) Multicolor Rosary Swarovski Beads with Rhodium Plated Crucifix and Center – Including a Deluxe Gift Box

This is one of our most popular rosaries! This beautiful rosary made with elegant Swarvorski  beading, a rhodium plated centerpiece and a crucifix is the perfect gift to give to the Catholic woman in your life to show her how much she means to you. The colors on this are sharp and breathtaking-- its no wonder this is a top rosary gift for women.This rosary is something that she will treasure forever, as well as something that will deepen her faith. Plus, it comes with a beautiful deluxe gift box.

F.C. Ziegler Company Nativity Set

4.) 11 Piece Nativity Set Faux knit style

This simple and sweet nativity set is a beautiful addition for any home. The neutral colors allow it to match almost any home interior and the faux knit style with the simple faces helps bring back a time of innocence. That must be why it is one of our most popular nativity sets! When you give a Nativity as a Christmas gift, you’re giving a gift that will remind someone how much you mean to them and how much they mean to you every Christmas season when they display it in their home.  Be sure to shop all our Nativity sets to make sure you find just the right one for the person you’re shopping for.

F.C Ziegler Company Madonna of the Streets Ornament

5.) Madonna of the Streets Ornaments

If you’re shopping for a dear friend or an important woman in your life, this ornament is a beautiful gift to show her how much you appreciate her. The ornament captures Madonna of the streets and is eloquently coupled with a silent night theme. It’s a sweet gift full of meaning, as well as a great reminder and representation of the true meaning of this season; the F.C Ziegler Company has a great collection of ornaments that aim to reflect the true meaning of Christmas.

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Catholic Christian Gifts for Kids, Childern, Little Ones

F.C. Ziegler Company Nativity Set for Kids

1.) Fisher Price Nativity for Children

All the kids go crazy for this nativity set! This fun musical Nativity Set (made of plastic and BPA free) for children is the perfect gift to help teach your little ones the true meaning of Christmas. It’s an 18 piece set that children can play with as well as use for Christmas decoration. It comes with a box that is perfect for storage. Give this gift as an interactive way for your children to learn about the Nativity!

F.C. Ziegler Company Rosary for Kids

2.) Multicolor Child Rosary (includes a Gift Box)

This children’s rosary with colorful wooden beads and wood cross is a great gift to give to your little one as a first rosary. It’s a playful and kid-friendly rosary that is durable and easy to grip. You can wrap this up and give it as special present but it’s also affordable enough to slip in their stocking.

F.C Ziegler Company Color & Hug St Francis

3.) Color & Hug St Francis

This plush fabric toy is faith-themed fun on both sides! It’s a gift that your children can reuse over and over again since after a rinse in the sink it’s ready to be colored on again. It’s a playful way to teach your little ones about St Francis and his love for animals and all God's creation. It comes with 6 color markers and a plush toy. This gift is affordable enough to either set under the tree or slip in their stocking!

F.C Ziegler Company Saint to Santa DVD

4.) Saint to Santa DVD

This Saint to Santa DVD is a fun DVD that teaches children the real story of Saint Nicholas. It’s a gift that will have the little ones in your life giggling while learning the important and true history of Saint Nicholas! It’s a gift the keeps Christ in Christmas.

F.C. Ziegler Company Advent Calender for Kids

5.) Advent Calendar by Tony Wolf

This is a one-of-a-kind Advent calendar that has a 10 page mini story for each day from December 1 st to the 24th that tells a Biblical story and offers a special prayer or Psalms or even a Christmas song. This is a great interactive gift for the little ones in your life! It’s an Advent calendar made with kids in mind.

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Catholic Christian Gifts for Teens

F.C. Ziegler Company YOUCAT


YOUCAT is short for Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church and is written for high-school aged teens and young adults. It’s an accessible, contemporary, easy-to-read gift that offers your teens Questions & Answers, Commentary, Summaries, definitions and more. It’s a great gift that will become a resource they’ll carry with them into adulthood. This a great gift to help your teen understand the faith a little easier!

F.C. Ziegler Company Bible Day By Day

2.) Bible Day by Day

The Bible Day by Day is full of minute Bible meditations for every day of the year. It’s an easy to read devotional book that brings scripture and reflection into your teen’s everyday routine! It makes a thoughtful gift, but is also affordable enough to make a sweet stocking stuffer, too. Remind your teens about the true meaning of Christmas this holiday season.

F.C. Ziegler Company Inspirational Thoughts for Every Day

3.) Inspirational Thoughts for Every Day

These Inspirational Thoughts for Every Day is another every day devotional book to help your teen grow in their faith! It’s full of minute meditations for everyday of the week with scripture, reflection and prayer. The reflections are short and sweet  perfect for a busy teen's routine.You can pair this with the Bible Day by Day or give it as a stand-alone gift or even slip it in their stocking!

F.C. Ziegler Company St Benedict Rope Bracelets

4.) St Benedict Rope Bracelets

These Saint Benedict Rope Bracelets are an absolute favorite for teens. They come in 9 different colors and are able to adjust to just about any wrist. The Saint Benedict medal is kept together my macrame fabric and a great reminder for teens of the spiritual battle that we all face and offers protection to the faithful. Plus, they’re stylish and practical, and make great stocking stuffers that will keep the focus on Christ this  Christmas morning!

5.) St. Christopher Visor Clip

Giving your teen, especially one who is new to driving, this special Saint Christopher  visor clip is a great little Christmas gift that not only gives them a little extra blessing while they’re driving but also helps them to think of you every time they’re driving around and glance at it! Saint Christopher is the patron saint of those traveling s. What a fantastic gift for your teen! 

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Catholic Christian Gifts for Pet Dog Cat lover

1.) St. Francis Pet Medal

Whether you’re shopping for a pet lover or your pet itself, this St. Francis pet medal is a great little gift for either situation! What better way to show some love and appreciation to God for his beautiful creatures than to be showing gratitude for them during the Christmas season? This also makes a great tag along gift if you're buying someone a pet this Christmas!

F.C Ziegler Company I Love My Pet Childrens Book

2.) I Love My Pet St Joseph Picture Book

If you have a little one in your life who is an animal lover or has a soft spot in their heart for your family pet, this is the perfect gift! In addition to showing young people that God cares for them and their pets, a major message of this book is responsibility. One of the purposes in having pets is to teach children to learn to take care of them, to help them learn generosity and service which is what Christ does for us. It’s also great as a tag along gift if you’re giving your little one a new pet on Christmas morning! It’s an unbeatable price for an unforgettable gift.

3.) St Francis with Animals Statue

If you’re looking for a meaningful gift for an animal lover in your life, this Saint Francis statue is a Christmas present they will truly treasure. It’s a beautiful statue made from a resin/stone mix and truly represents the patron saint of animals. This would be a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves animals, has a soft spot for their pets, or a deep appreciation for St Francis, God, and his creation!

The F.C. Ziegler Company Tau Cross

4.) Saint Francis Tau Cross with Doves

This Tau Cross is a beautiful and detailed cross that truly captures the spirit of God’s heart toward His creation. The image recounts the story of when Saint Francis was preaching the Gospel to a flock of birds when nobody in town would listen to him preach! It makes a wonderful Christmas present for anyone who loves animals, works with animals, or really anyone who would appreciate the beautiful Tau Cross. It’s a great gift to keep the faith the focus this season.

The F.C Ziegler Company Will I See My Dog in Heaven?

5.) Will I See My Dog in Heaven? 

This book answers the question so many have asked, “Will we see our pets in heaven?” This book discusses the subject with humor, grace and compassion and would be a Christmas gift that tugs on the heart strings of any pet lover (or anyone who is interested in exploring this question!)

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Catholic Christian Gifts for Military Army Marine Air Force Navy

F.C. Ziegler Company St Michael Pendant

1.) St Michael Pewter Pendant (with chain & Holy Card)

This lovely pendant is one of our most popular products; it’s a combination of a pendant, comprised of pewter, with a 24” stainless steel chain. It has a special meaning for those in the military (or with those who have loved ones in the military) since St Michael is the patron saint of military, police and protection. This Christmas gift is a great way to honor someone you love.

F.C. Ziegler Company The Miracle of Father Kapaun

2.)The Miracle of Father Kapaun DVD

This DVD is a powerful documentary about Servant of God Fr. Emil Kapaun and his incredible story of becoming one of the most inspiring heroes of the Korean War as well as being on the road to sainthood. This is the perfect gift for anyone who has served in the military, who has a passion for military, or appreciates an inspiring story.

F.C. Ziegler Company St Michael Pocket Coin

3.) St Michael Pocket Coin

This pocket coin featuring Saint Michael would be a great little stocking stuffer for a police officer or someone who serves (or has served) in the Military. It comes with a beautiful picture of St. Michael along with a prayer of Pope Leo XIII. It’s an affordable and thoughtful Christmas gift that keeps Christ the focus of Christmas.

F.C. Ziegler Company St Michael Medal

4.) St Michael Sterling Silver Medal

This sterling silver St Michael medal is a Christmas gift that would truly honor those who have served our country as a police officer or through a branch of the military. It is a gift that would remain a timeless token of your appreciation. It’s a way to honor the faith as well as those you love this Christmas season.

F.C. Ziegler Company Military Jewelry

5.) Military Jewelry

We have a great collection of military jewelry from sterling silver 5-way pendants to gold and silver medals all of which honor various branches of our armed forces. Any loved one in the military would be honored by receiving one of these as a meaningful Christmas gift. It’s such as special way to show your appreciation for their time spent serving our country.

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Zieglers Featured Catholic Christian Gifts

The F.C. Ziegler Company Ornaments

1.) Ornaments

We have a beautiful assortment of Christmas ornaments that truly keep Christ the center of Christmas. So, if you’re looking for a timeless gift that keeps the focus on Christ this Christmas shop our ornament selection. We have a variety of styles from ornate to simple pieces—find the ornament that fits your loved ones home today.

F.C. Ziegler Company Nativity Sets

2.) Nativities

It’s a beautiful tradition to give someone a nativity set as a Christmas gift. From giving a first set to a newly married couple to giving a unique one to someone who has truly impacted your faith, it’s a timeless tradition that continues to live on. We have classic ornate nativity sets as well as more contemporary modern nativity sets-- browse our selection today and find exactly what you want.

The F.C. Ziegler Company Saint Nicholas

3.) Saint Nicholas

Interested in finding a gift that shares the true story of Saint Nicholas? We have a variety of patron saint items featuring Saint Nicholas, from story books to beautiful statues. Giving a gift that honors the true story of St Nicholas is an important way to keep Christ in Christmas this year and keep the true meaning of Christmas the focus of your home.

The F.C. Ziegler Company Nightlights and Warmers

4.) Nightlights/ Warmers

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas present that no one else will be giving, look no further! The F.C. Ziegler Company has a collection of unique Christmas themed nightlights and warmers. These aren't your typical night lights they are beautiful and ornate and will fill any home with warmth. They even come in different holiday themes and will fit in with any home's Christmas decor.These don’t just make great Christmas presents, they also make great additions to any home this holiday season!

F.C. Ziegler Company Lighted Wall Art

5.) Lighted Wall Art

Our lighted wall art are gifts that will truly bring the love of God into someone’s home. We have beautiful pieces made of polyester canvas with beautiful details that are literally lit up with LED lights. These LED prints are unique and beautiful pieces that will truly stand out as an elegant Christmas gift for anyone you’re shopping for this year.

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Catholic Chritian Gifts Our Lady of Guadalupe Virgen de Guadalupe

F.C Ziegler Our Lady of Guadalupe

1.) Our Lady of Guadalupe Items

We have a beautiful selection of items that honor the special apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe, from medals and Spanish fans to ornate statues and sterling silver pendants and beautiful wall tapestries, you can find beautiful presents that honor and celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe and keep the focus on the faith this Christmas season.

F.C. Ziegler Company Our Lady of Guadalupe Statue

2.) Our Lady of Guadalupe Bronze Statue

Whether you’re interested in buying a special Christmas gift that honors the special apparition of Our Lady or you want to buy something special to celebrate the Feast Day, this beautiful bronze statue would perfectly meet either of those needs. As well as beautifully remind everyone of the true meaning of the Christmas season.

F.C. Ziegler Company Auto Rosary

3.) Our Lady of Guadalupe Green Auto Rosary

If you’re looking for a little token to honor Our Lady of Guadalupe or to give as a Christmas gift, this auto rosary is the perfect gift to do just that! It has beautiful green colors and a clasp designed to perfectly hang from your rear view mirror. This item can easily serve as a sweet little gift or even a sweet little stocking stuffer!

F.C. Ziegler Company Our Lady of Guadalupe Medal

4.) Virgen de Guadalupe Sterling Silver Medal

If you want to find a truly special and beautiful gift, this Virgen de Guadalupe sterling silver medal with a lite curb chain is something you should consider. It’s a gorgeous and quality medal that would make an elegant and beautiful gift for someone who truly honors their Catholic heritage and the Our lady of Guadalupe. It’s a timeless piece that truly symbolizes and honors the faith and the blessed Virgin Mary.

F.C. Ziegler Company Our Lady of Guadalupe Plaque

5.) Our Lady of Guadalupe Plaque (with easel)

This gold stamped Italian plaque of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a beautiful gift to give to someone in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe’s feast day or as a truly meaningful Christmas gift for someone who is passionate about their Catholic faith. It’s a stunning piece that anyone would appreciate.

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catholic christian gifts for under ten dollars

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