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A Journey Through Holy Week with Pope Benedict XVI

19th Mar 2015

Are you yearning to draw closer to Our Lord during Holy Week? Are you looking for a daily meditation but short on time? Pope Benedict XVI offers a rich, but concise journey through Passion Week in his book, Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week From the Entrance Into Jerusalem to the Resurrection.” Let the Holy Father paint a striking image on this Holy Week for you.  Pope Benedict expertly utilizes the wisdom of the Church Fathers and rich imagery to present short. easy-to-read meditations that can be divided up for daily reading.

The Holy Father begins with the entrance into Jerusalem and the cleansing of the temple, presenting Our Lord as the Healer, revealing “God as the One Who loves and His power as the power of love,” in contrast to a destroyer or revolutionary. At the Last Supper, Trial and Crucifixion, Our Lord comes as the Sacrificial Lamb, fulfilling every Old Testament prophecy and temple sacrifice, being perfectly sufficient for our salvation. And in rising from the dead, Our Lord “opens up a dimension that affects us all, creating for all of us a new space of life, a new space of being in union with God.”

Discover the rich historical details between the four Gospels, the history of the Jewish temple, and the living theological treasures of the Church Fathers during the most Holy Week in the season of the Church.

“I hope that I have been granted an insight into the figure of our Lord that can be helpful to all readers who seek to encounter Jesus and to believe in Him.”

-Pope Benedict XVI

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