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SOLD OUT - Advent for Busy Catholics| Pamphlet | RPP | Six Meditations | 9780764826481

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Sold Out for the Season
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As Catholics, we know that we should slow down a little to meditate and pray during the Advent season. It is difficult to carve out that time.  Advent for Busy Catholics provides an opportunity.  This twenty-four page pamphlet consists of six meditations excerpted from Daybreaks.  They are short and sweet and the idea is clever.  We wait during Advent for the coming of Our Lord, so the suggestion here is to take time to pray in those moments when you are literally waiting; in line at the store, for your lunch date to arrive, for your family to finish getting ready.  A prayer at the beginning of the book is provided as well.  Pray it daily or weekly, just whenever you can.  This pocket-size treasure will surely prove valuable. 

Advent for the Busy Catholic Pamphlet Details: 

  • Six Meditations for the Advent & Christmas Seasons Excerpted from Daybreaks
  • Author: Redemptorist Pastoral Publications
  • 24 Pages 
  • ISBN: 9780764826481
  • 5-1/4" x 3-1/2" x 1/8"
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