Paschal Candle | Lilium Eximious® | 17 Sizes | Agnus Dei & Chi Rho | 51% Beeswax | 7986 | USA

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Each Lilium Paschal candle is mastercrafted from 51% beeswax, individually benchworked and hand tooled to create its lovely design.  The Lilium, its name taken from the Latin for lily, features a fleur-de-lis budded cross in a high relief wax casting.  The fleur-de-lis is an ancient symbol of the Holy Trinity.  The cross is exquisitely rendered here in royal blue and accented in gold.  Ornamental bands feature bronze medallions with the Agnus Dei and the Chi Rho.  Bees - a symbol of sacrifice, celebrated in the Easter Exsultet - adorn the bands.  This candle is available in seventeen sizes and comes with nails and decals.

Lilium Eximious® Paschal Candle Details:

  • Fleur de Lis Budded Cross with Chi Rho & Agnus Dei Medallions
  • 17 Sizes 
  • 51% Beeswax 
  • Includes Paschal Nails & Decals 
  • Made In USA

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Deadline to Order Eximious Paschal Candles:
March 13, 2020

Please call 1-800-331-4117 with questions on Paschal candles.

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