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Good Shepherd Paschal Candle | Sculptwax® | 18 Sizes | Staff & Lambs | 51% Beeswax | 80862 | Cathedral

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The Good Shepherd Paschal candle features wax craftsmanship at its best! The candle contains fifty-one percent beeswax.  Superb, hand-cast wax ornamentation features a gold staff representing the Good Shepherd, superimposed over a cross with silver highlights. Four wax pieces, resembling jewels, sit at the intersection of the cross in blue, purple, green and red. The Greek letters alpha and omega stand on each side of the crozier and four lambs gaze upward from the base of the crozier.  This candle is available in eighteen sizes.  Please select the correct size for your candlestick by using the drop-down menu.  Your candle will arrive with numeral decals and incense-tipped Paschal nails.

Good Shepherd Paschal Candle Details:

  • Staff, Gem, Alpha, Omega & Lambs
  • Color Infused Wax Appliques
  • 18 Sizes *
  • 51% Beeswax
  • Includes Paschal Nails & Decals
  • Made In USA

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