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Of Human Life | Book | Pope Paul VI | Humanae Vitae | Paperback | 819855162

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"The transmission of human life is a most serious role in which married people collaborate freely and responsibly with God the Creator. It has always been a source of great joy to them, even though it sometimes entails many difficulties and hardships.

The fulfillment of this duty has always posed problems to the conscience of married people, but the recent course of human society and the concomitant changes have provoked new questions. The Church cannot ignore these questions, for they concern matters intimately connected with the life and happiness of human beings."

Written over fifty years ago, these are the beginning words of Pope Paul VI's Humanae Vitae, in which he reaffirmed the teachings of the Catholic Church on married love and responsible parenthood.  His encyclical not only provided clarification, but proved prophetic and his teachings are even more valuable now.  In honor of the 50th anniversary, Humanae Vitae is now available with additional features.  This edition includes a forward by Helen Alvaré and notes by Sister Marianne Lorraine Trouvé giving brief explanations at key points anddefinitions of terms. 

This encyclical provides valuable information in a concise format, well-written by one of the most promine, and for married couples who want to further enrich their understanding of the sacrament of Marriage.

Of Human Life Book Details: 

  • Humanae Vitae 
  • Encyclical Reaffirming Teaching of Catholic Church on Married Love and Responsible Parenting 
  • Author: Pope Paul VI 
  • Paperback 
  • 48 Pages 
  • ISBN: 819855162
  • 5" x 7-1/4" x 1/4”
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