Gothic Chasuble | Gold Threading | Solivari | 322

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Solivari, one of Italy's prestigious religious vestment designers for more than one hundred years, created this beautiful Gothic Chasuble using their Lana Nodo Fabric, a gorgeous fabric of 45% pure wool and 55% polyester. Adding to the elegance of this vestment is the delicate gold banding edged along the sleeves, the Roman style Square Collar, and the gorgeous, gold, Venetian cross embroideries on the front and back of the chausble. Order Now! Length 51" Width 62 1/2" Liturgical Colors: White, Green, Red, Purple

Chasuble Details:

  • Length 51"
  • Width 62 1/2"
  • Fabric: Lana Nodo 45% Pure Wool 55% Polyester
  • Square Collar 
  • Liturgical Colors: White, Red, Purple, Green
  • Made in Italy
  • Matching Underlay Stole Included