Custom Garment Measurement


Measurement Requirements

  1. Neck Girth
  2. Collar line to should tip
  3. Shoulder tip width
  4. Chest girth
  5. Waist girth
  6. Collar to ground (throat)
  7. Collar to ground (back of throat)
  8. Garment length (collar top to ground)
  9. Sleeve Length (if required)

             Measurement Guidelines 

A. Neck Girth – Measure at the base along the collar line

B. Collar to Shoulder – From the collar line to the tip of the shoulder

C. Shoulder Tip Width – Measure across the back

D. Chest Girth – Measure on the widest portion

E. Waist Girth – Measure in a sitting position – widest portion

F. Collar to Ground – Measure from the front collar line to ground

G. Collar to Ground – Measure from the back collar line to ground

H. Overall Garment – Measure from the neck line to the bottom of garment

I. Sleeve Length - Measure from top of shoulder to just below wrist line


                                                   Measurement Results












                                        Customer Information


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Measurement Tips


      • When obtaining measurements, wear the typical clothing that will be worn under custom garment
      • Do not measure yourself, get assistance for accurate measurements