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The Original Pope Francis Papal Pectoral Cross Story and Meaning


The Story and Meaning Of The original Pope Francis Papal Pectoral Cross by Antonio Vedele

The story and meaning of the original Pope Francis Papal Pectoral Cross

Brothers and sisters, good evening! From the moment we heard "Habemus Papam!" to the intro statement and laid eyes on the new vicar of Christ we all fell in love with Pope Francis- Jorge Bergolio! With that gentle greeting that resonated with our hearts Pope Francis began to teach and show us simplicity, hope, and humility. Everything about Pope Francis couldn't be more simple. This flows from his love for the Church and the poor and his spirit, or rather the Holy Spirit, filling him with this profound gift. Simplicity runs through Pope Francis' veins even so much as to affect the papal pectoral cross he wears around his neck.

Original Pope Francis Papal Pectoral Cross image of Holy Spirit dove and good shepherd with sheep made in Italy Antonio Vedele

Why this Papal Pectoral cross is different

For centuries popes, cardinals, and bishops wore the pectoral cross as a sign of authority and prestige amongst other clergy members. In fact, one of the first popes to wear a papal pectoral cross was Pope Leo III, in the year 811. He was given the cross as a gift from Nicephorus, the Patriarch of Constantinople. The cross was made gold and soon became customary for pope to wear a pectoral cross. Since then the pectoral cross has been adorned with gold jewels and precious stones.

With that being said, we can gather that Pope Francis pectoral cross is definitely different from the past. You can see that there is no gold on his pectoral cross nor any precious stones or jewels. Only a simple and humble soul could turn down a solid gold pectoral which is exactly what he did. His excellency chose to keep the same papal pectoral cross he had wore for many years as archbishop and cardinal in Argentina. 

Pope Francis Holding Onto His Papal Pectoral Cross with a general audiencePope Francis decided to keep his original pectoral cross because it held a special place in his heart. When he held his pectoral cross in his hand it was a reminder to him that he was called by God to be a shepherd to his people especially the poorest of the poor. Those who encountered him while he prayed for them and spoke with them were drawn to the cross and would find comfort and peace upon seeing the pectoral cross.

So what's  with the design of Pope Francis Papal Pectoral Cross and where did it come?

The original design of Pope Francis pectoral cross drawn up by Antonio Vedele who passed away in 1997 but was actually made by a small artisan master craftsmen named Guiseppe Albrizzi of Pavia, Italy. Albrizzi states "The cross was made by me, but it was drawn by my teacher, Antonio Veldele, for whom I worked until 1978. I am grateful for everything he had taught me, the teacher who created the cross of Pope Francis." (Source: UPA Federimpresa)."

The details of the cross are rooted in the Gospel of Luke. That is, the parable of the good shepherd and the lost sheep. Luke 15: 4-7 - What man among you having a hundred sheep and losing one of them would not leave the ninety-nine in the desert and go after the lost one until he finds it?

In the center is the figure of a man who represents Jesus, the good shepherd, who is carrying the lost sheep around his neck while the other sheep follow closely. At the very top of the cross is a dove coming down which represents the Holy Spirit coming down from God the Father to God the Son and helping out those who are lost and in darkness and bringing them new life!  The linear style is intended to be a symbol for a new ecclesiastical era, a poor Church among the poor, as Pope Francis has indicated.The original Pope Francis papal pectoral cross is sterling silver and weighs 80 grams.

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The life, legacy and mission of Pope Francis

Pope Francis is showing us the way of humility and simplicity but also more important to love God and our neighbor! That's what a good shepherd does, he lays his life down for sheep and that's exactly what Pope Francis is doing for us. What better way to be reminded of such a loving Pope then by owning your own Pope Francis Papal Pectoral cross!

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Original Pope Francis Pectoral Cross gift ideas in metal olive wood and genuine Italian leather by Antonio Vedele

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