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First Communion

Receiving the Holy Eucharist at First Communion is the most central and important sacrament, right after Baptism, to Catholicism. In the sacrament of First Holy Communion is preparing to receive into them the most Holy Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The child usually will go through classes in catechism to prepare and learn the proper way to receive First Holy Communion in a holy and reverent manner along with Church doctrines, prayers, retreats, and other ways to help them understand how precious the Holy Euhcarist really is. First Holy Communion is life itself in the Catholic Church because to receive the Holy Eucharist is to receive Jesus Christ body, soul, and divinity. To mark the joyful and momentous occasion every family will celebrate with First Communion party with family and friends and gifts! Before the First Communion happens you will probably be looking for 1st communion gifts and gift ideas for boys and girls but don't worry we have the right First Communion Gifts here at Zieglers! A First Communion gift set is always a go to when you are not sure what to get but perhaps you want to find the right First Communion Gift so you break it out. We ahve First communion gifts for girls such as veils, jewelry, and mass book as well as some cool First Communion Gifts for boys such as crosses, rosaries, statues and more! So let us help you find the best First Communion gifts and help us be apart of the celebration of your child receving the most Holy body and  blood of Christ in the Holy Eucharist at their First Holy Communion! Shop now!

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