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The New Catholic Answer Bible | Librosario NABRE | Black & Tan | 9781556654039

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The New Catholic Answer Bible is a valuable and extensive resource for anyone wishing to study as well as those who want to respond to questions regarding our faith.  Clear and concise explanations of the Catholic Church’s teachings on critical issues are derived from Bible text and Catechism references. What is the Holy Trinity?  Why do Catholics use holy water? Why does a Catholic Bible have 73 books? These are just a few of the 88 questions that are asked, and answered.  

Also included are a presentation page, Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, the Origin, Inspiration and History of the Bible, a Three Year Cycle of Readings (Sundays) and Celebration of the Eucharist.  

Of course, this being a Catholic Bible, it has that added touch of Rosary beads imprinted on the back cover, their edges readily apparent to the touch.  This black and tan Bible measures 9-1/8 inches 6-1/2 inches by 1-3/8 inches, has 1394 gilt-edged pages, a page-end index and a silk ribbon placeholder.  Whether you are purchasing this for yourself or for someone special, we are sure it will provide many years as a most treasured item.

The New Catholic Answer Bible Details:

  • Librosario NABRE
  • Leather Bound With Stitched Cover
  • Black & Tan
  • Imprinted Rosary On Back Cover
  • 1394 Gilt-Edge Pages
  • Page-Edge Index
  • Silk Ribbon Placeholder
  • 10" x 7-1/3" x 1-3/4"
  • 9781556654039
  • Gift-Boxed
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