Spanish Domestic Monastery | Tools for Home Devotion and Faith in Our Lives

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Spanish Version: What turns a home into a domestic monastery? The devotional practice will change the way you feel when you are home, and that is nothing less than a blessed miracle. 

In this grouping of items we have provided the tools to help you be successful in having your spiritual devotion setting. Whether the current times promote the need or just to enrich your own faith and that of your families core.

Items Included:


  • 1 x Un Nuevo Comienzo Lent Booklet - 9780764824814
  • 1 x Rosary - BARBLK
  • 1 x Scapular - RIPL870BRBE
  • 1 x Catholic ID Card - IDS
  • 1 x Holy Water Bottle - HI196000


  • 1 x Pardon Crucifix Silver Oxidized - DVPD55
  • 1 x St Benedict Medal Silver Oxidized - BOMMTB48
  • 1 x Miraculous Medal Silver Oxidized - HI1086MS
  • 1 x Four Way Medal Silver Oxidized - BOM52M
  • 1 x Sacred Heart of Jesus & Immaculate Heart of Mary Medal Silver Oxidized - BOM0255
  • 1 x St Padre Pio Medal Silver Oxidized - BOM30E


  • 100 x Tea Lights (100 count) - TLULIGHT