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The Year of Mercy Magnificat Companion is a practical way for individuals, families, and parishes to walk with the Church in this year-long celebration. An excellent resource to encourage ongoing conversion and fruitful discussions at home, in parish groups, in schools, and in RCIA.

Daily Guide:

  • Poetry that helps you contemplate the miracle of mercy (Sundays)
  • Meditations from saints and spiritual masters who share their profound insights into this divine gift (Mondays)
  • Profiles of saints whose lives exemplify extraordinary witness to mercy (Tuesdays)
  • Teachings of the Catholic Church that explain and highlight this virtue (Wednesdays)
  • Stories and testimonies of people who have chosen the path of mercy, including non-canonized faithful, literary figures, and victims of tragedy (Thursdays)
  • Reflections on essential Scripture passages that reveal God’s merciful nature (Fridays)
  • Devotions and prayers that draw us closer to God’s merciful heart (Saturdays)

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  • Pages - 448
  • Language - English
  • Cover - Paperback